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We have installed a lot of lights; I mean a lot! We are frequently asked about lighting design, and we have strong opinions. There are three basic functions of lighting- Ambient, task and accent. Ambient is general room lighting. This is must frequently achieved by a center light or fan/light combo; but is also done with can lights symmetrically placed in the room. Most bedrooms are fully lit with 4 LED cans. Task lighting is just that, performing a job. In a kitchen, can lights and undercabinet lighting are focused over countertops with less regard for symmetrical spacing. In a bedroom or living room they would be concentrated over a desk or couch for reading. One fun light that we are using is a inexpensive motion sensor activated wall mount light that is solar powered. They illuminate exterior side yards and pathways in sequence as you walk and require no hard wiring. Accent lighting is used to highlight or to decorate. For instance, one recessed light on a separate switch leg might focus on a piece of wall art, or the fireplace. Lights mounted on top of cabinets, or back lit on a mirror or bookshelf can create a mood and are very decorative. The color of the light bulbs is also very important to consider. Color temperature is measured in kelvins. Warmer, yellower, light is at the low end of the scale, and is considered cozier for living areas. The modules we use for this are 2,8-3K. We use brighter, whiter light for task work. As a guide, candlelight is 1.8K and direct sunlight is 4.8K. Call us for design ideas! 

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